A 7/11 Clerk having an Affair with my Wife

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There was a 7/11 clerk having an affair with my wife, and we faced the reality about it. Right now, we are divorced, but we remained friends. It may sound so depressing or insulting, but it happened. My wife had a choice. If she felt she is no longer happy with me, and she gets it from another man, so I let her be. Anyway, it means that I am also free, and I can do anything I want. The moment that she committed that adultery, I realized that I lost the feeling for her. She doesn't deserve my love and my attention. I also choose for her to be happy.



One day, we went to buy for some snacks and there was this guy, an attendant who was so accommodating. At first I thought he was flirting with my wife, but I said to myself it was ridiculous. He was just a clerk and could do no harm to us. In the past few days, I observed my wife, he keeps on going out and later soon realized that the 7/11 clerk having affair with my wife. It was painful and it right goes through my heart. However, I reserved myself with some dignity and faced the problem. I confronted them in a calm manner and talk out the problem. I told my wife. I have come up with a decision, and she should agree.



My life is more important to me the time my wife let me thought that she is not with me in the quest to live. I have learned such strong heart to get hold of my emotion. It is with an open mind that helped me. All these are what I have learned from the marriage expert who gave me enough information about our situation. A 7/11 clerk having affair with my wife, and now they are together and we remained friends.




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A 7/11 Clerk having an Affair with my Wife

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This article was published on 2010/10/09
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