Can You Stop Your Wife Before She Cheats?

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You've seen the signs and know that something is going on with your wife. You believe, deep down in your heart of hearts that your wife has cheating on her mind. You don't believe that she's cheated yet but you feel that it is weighing heavily on her mind. Is there anything you can do to stop your wife before she cheats on you?

Actually, it's possible.

You really can stop your wife before she cheats but you're going to have to take a few big risks in order to do it.

While there are no absolutes or guarantees, doing these things can help you keep your wife from cheating on you.

1) Notice your wife. Pay attention to her. Praise the things she does for you. Let her know how nice she looks in her sweater. She may say something like "this old thing?" but secretly she loves the attention. Make her feel as though you still find her attractive and beautiful.

2) Show her that you need her. Your wife needs to be needed. Statistics have shown that women will stay with a man who cheats on them if they believe he needs them. Make her feel needed and it will meet her needs. She won't need the other man to fill that particular need for her.

3) Go out of town – just the two of you. When life is interfering with your marriage, it's time to take your marriage out of the real world for a while. It's easy to allow everything in the world to come between you and your wife. Now is the time to focus on your marriage and mend the rift between the two of you. A weekend away is the perfect excuse.

4) Reprioritize your life so that your wife is a priority and not just getting your leftover time, attention, and affection. Your wife should have the very best of you and not just what's left over after you've been worn down by stress at work and other contingencies. Make her the priority she deserves to be.

5) Learn to fight fair. This, above all else you can do for the sake of your marriage and getting your wife back, works. Learn to fight for the sake of results rather than to fight to win. Too many otherwise good marriages are ruined because the fights become too brutal. It doesn't take a physical blow to be fatal for the sake of your marriage. The emotional blows can be just as toxic. Take them out of your arsenal and learn a new way of fighting.

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Even if you've already broken up you can still get your ex back and save your marriage even though your wife was thinking about cheating on you.


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Can You Stop Your Wife Before She Cheats?

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This article was published on 2010/10/15
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