Cheating Spouse - 4 Suspicious Signs to Warn You of a Cheating Wife!

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If you are feeling depressed because you suspect that you have a cheating wife, you are in the same boat as many! Statistic will show you that the divorce rate is increasing over the years and one of the major reasons for a break up is having a cheating spouse! In fact, you might even know of someone who has been cheated or is infidel!

So how can you tell if you have a cheating wife? There are many signs that you can look out for and here are 4 suspicious signs to warn you of a cheating wife!

1. Less affectionate than before
Ask yourself if your wife has been as affectionate towards you as before? Is your love life still as loving and fulfilling as it used to be? If your answer is in the negative for both questions, it is a probability that your wife is seeing someone else. Most women will try to avoid any intimacy with their husbands if they were having an affair because they did not want to show their guilt or give themselves away at one of the intimate moments with you.

2. Difference in appearance
By this, I'm referring to her dressing, hair style or even a switch in habits such as wearing contact lenses now instead of glasses or showing more skin suddenly. Look out especially for little changes which are significant, for example, use of perfumes or bright coloured lipsticks. These changes can be an attempt to leave an impression on another man or even to cover up the scents of another man!

3. Unexplainable items in bills
If your wife has been paying the bills for you all these while, find an excuse to take back the responsibility to do it yourself. When you pay your bills, you will get a chance to check the items listed on the credit card statements. Are there any suspicious expenses such as bills from restaurants, vacations or even hotel rooms in which you were not aware of? Also, check on your wife's handphone bills to see what phone numbers were dialed frequently and whether they match with any frequent text messages' senders' numbers. If you see anything unexplainable, your wife might very well be cheating on you.

4. Becoming more secretive suddenly
Have you noticed your wife becoming more secretive lately? Some examples of such secrecy can be spending more time on the internet or the cell phone and each time you inquire of her activities, she would reply with a short 'nothing' or 'non of your business' answer. These are signs that she might be seeing someone else.

Be wary if you notice that your wife will tend to hang up the phone or close the screen on the computer when you walk into the room suddenly as she might be trying to hide something from you. Her secrecy might be related to an affair that she is trying to cover up.

These are just 4 signs that can help you to confirm your suspicions. If your gut feeling is telling you that something is wrong with your marriage, then it is probably time to listen and observe more. It is not uncommon for a cheating spouse to make mistakes no matter how hard they try to hide their affairs. Thus, if you have an idea what to look out for, you may be able to catch your wife cheating behind your back.

Nevertheless, you will still have to do some in-depth investigations in order to gather solid evidence of your wife's cheating ways before you confront her. Be tactful when you approach the topic, especially if you have children. Never use violence to solve the problem. No one can tolerate having a cheating spouse but getting angry will not solve your problem. Have a heart-to-heart talk and discuss what to do from there.

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Cheating Spouse - 4 Suspicious Signs to Warn You of a Cheating Wife!

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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