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To get my wife back, one the most important things I did was to ask her what she wanted, but to see what she really wanted.

So how do you see what she really needs when figuring out how to get your wife back? Well, just look at what kind of guys she is turned on by.

Did you ever realize that whenever a woman says "I like a guy that listens", she ends up going for the loudest, most self-centered guy? And when she says she likes a witty guy, she hooks up with the rich one.

So why don't women do what they say? Well, it all comes down to instinct and their natural influence in finding a mate. And that's what I learned to understand - to get my wife back, I became the guy she would be most attracted to.

The natural motivator for guys and girls to pair up is to reproduce and expand the human race. Said differently, no matter whether having kids is not even on her mind, she naturally goes for a man that can provide for her and her offspring.

So when figuring out how to win your wife back, do think listening to her will make you a better father in her eyes? NO. If you can show her that you have the finances and security to look after her and the kids, then she will stick with you.

Your lady wants you to be a strong provider. This all comes down to the fact that she only has about 400 chances to have a baby. So if you can show he that you will be there for your kids and for her, then to "get my wife back" will be rather easy.

So you already have a good income and stable job. That is not all that she requires...

Her man needs to share his wealth with her and the kids. So if you want to know "how to get my wife back", giving her jewelry will never hurt.

That expensive wedding ring you gave her was not only something cultural and romantic, but it was supposed to be a sign that you can look after her and her future kids.

Another point - in today's world where wealth is created more from our intelligence than brute strength, women still perceive a strong man as a better provider. So keeping fit too may help you in your quest on how to get your wife back.

To end off, the most important thing I did to get my wife back was to understand what kind of man she required from an instinctual perspective and then I became that man.

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Get My Wife Back - What to Do to Get Your Wife Back

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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