How do I know if my Wife having an Emotional Affair

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How do I know if my wife having an emotional affair? I have answered that question when I noticed that she was cold on me in bed. She changed a lot and was not accommodating like a wife. There are some habits that she is doing now which are not a usual thing she do. She is often out of our house beyond office hours. I knew that something was wrong. Sometimes, she does not come home and when I asked her she is always mad. She is angry at something or just angry when she sees me. There is something I did wrong or she is doing something that I do not know.



One day, I tried to follow her. I was not depriving her of the privacy, but it is also my right as a husband to know what's happening to my marriage. I have to protect my own interest. There in one corner, I saw my wife kissing another man. What hurt the most is that the man she is with is my best friend. After long years of marriage staying faithful to her, this is what I get. I was sad, for the moment, and realized that there is a sun in the next morning. Life goes on. That answered my question on how do I know if my wife having an emotional affair.



What I did next was consulting a relationship expert. They give the advice that helped me recover from that distressing relationship. The hope was up0 for me to move on and get a new life. If they are happy together, then I should be happy for them. I remained civil and professional and was guiltless on ever day that comes. I learned to stand up again. If you are having the same issue and ask how do I know if my wife is having an affair, then you know the answer, and you should know what to do next.



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How do I know if my Wife having an Emotional Affair

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This article was published on 2010/10/09
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