How Do You Make Your Wife Attracted To You Again - How To Regain Her Affection

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There was a time in my marriage that I felt that I was not attracted to my wife anymore. At this time I started to look around for information to help me fix this problem I have, and at this time I realized I was not alone. Many men feel the same thing, and it most defiantly takes its toll on the marriage. Losing your affection for your spouse can lead to the two of you getting divorced, but there are a few actions a person can choose to restart the passion in your wife.

When I felt not attracted to my wife anymore, I knew that it was much deeper than her physical appearance. We both had changed since the marriage in many ways. She may have been a bit more robust, but I was as well. I felt disconnected from her on the emotional side which I soon realized was at the center of the problem. I needed to get emotionally connected to her in order to find her attractive.

I would love to go back to the mind set where I felt she was beautiful, and I think to do that I had to get beyond the bitterness I felt for her. Also, there was so much pressure in both our lives that it was creating a negative connection within our relationship. I knew that the main reason I was not attracted to my wife anymore, was because we just were not communicating enough with one other. There were some thoughts I was holding in that caused tension. That tension added to the feelings I have that made her unappealing to me.

For me and my wife it was more about learning, effectively communicate with one another, I wanted her just understand how I felt and be more empathetic and compassionate. I also under stand that she was most likely feeling the same thing toward me and for the very same reasons. Open discussion actually is crucial if you want to keep your marriage, and come back to feeling an attraction to the woman you married.

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How Do You Make Your Wife Attracted To You Again - How To Regain Her Affection

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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