How To Catch A Cheating Wife - 3 Signs Of A Cheating Wife

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Infidelity is unfortunately a common practice. This does not make it any easier to be made a fool of by a cheating spouse and it certainly does not lessen the hurt and anger. Wives cheat for various reasons and if you suspect your wife of having an extramarital affair, here is how to catch a cheating wife by looking for these 3 signs of a cheating wife.

Being in a faithless marriage were one partner is involved in an extramarital affair is no way to conduct a marriage that is supposed to be built on love and trust. You may know friends or acquaintances who have dealt with or are dealing with infidelity and never thought that you would have to deal with an unfaithful wife.

It is important to deal with this problem of infidelity and your unfaithful wife in order to determine the way forward for the marriage. This may include starting divorce proceedings or giving the marriage another chance with help such as marriage counseling to help you both rebuild the marriage.

The first step to help you determine whether you have a cheating wife is to review the following three signs of a cheating wife. These are only a few of the many signs of a cheating wife but they will provide some guidance that you may desperately need for peace of mind so that you know that you are not crazy.

3 Signs of a Cheating Wife

1. Has your wife had a 180 degree change in appearance? This is usually the first and easiest sign to spot that may lead you to conclude that your wife has started cheating on you. Has she acquired a new wardrobe, started dressing provocatively, changed her hair style, started wearing makeup when she never used to be bothered with this before, started wearing stilettos that she never used to wear before and so forth?

Another sign of a change in appearance is if she has joined a gym and has become faithful in her gym workouts. Has she started a new diet? Although these are not conclusive signs that she could be cheating on you and may just be trying to look better for you or be healthier, if there is cheating involved, she may be trying to impress a new man. If you are attentive, you can determine whether she is trying to impress you with her change in appearance or if she is doing all of this for another man.

2. Another of the many signs of a cheating wife is if she has become overly secretive. Have you noticed that she has started spending a lot more time online or on her phone and when you attempt to ask her what she is doing she tries to brush you off?

Does she quickly shut down the computer or close out windows abruptly when you walk into a room and find her online. Does she take her calls in another room or quickly hang up the phone when you walk in or when she receives a call with you in the room? These are only a few behaviors that point to a cheating wife.

3. Do you have the sense that things do not feel the same between the two of you? If you sense that there is a change in the level of affection that your wife shows towards you, this may be a sign of a cheating wife. If she no longer compliments you or brushes off your compliments of her, this could be a sign of infidelity.

Has your marriage previously been characterized by adventure, lots of fun, great and frequent sex and now these aspects of the marriage have changed? This could be a sign that you have a cheating wife who is looking outside the marriage to give and receive affection. Another simple sign could be if she pulls away or turns her cheek when you attempt to kiss her. Cheating wives may avoid being affectionate or getting close to their husbands out of guilt over an affair or because they are afraid of being caught cheating.
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These are only a few signs of a cheating wife that will help you identify and catch a cheating wife. For additional signs to look for with a cheating wife and tools to help you catch a cheating wife visit and put an end to the lies and deceit. You deserve the truth. Find out how today!

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How To Catch A Cheating Wife - 3 Signs Of A Cheating Wife

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This article was published on 2010/12/28
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