How To Get Your Wife Back Loving You

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It's a tough one you've been asking yourself for a while now. . . "How to get your wife back loving you?"

There are many avenues that must to be explored when coming up with an answer to your question and of course the answers depend on your specific state of affairs and circumstances. But there are some basic strategies that any man can apply when wondering how to get your wife back loving you.

First, you need to understand why your wife has stopped loving you (or why she says that she doesn't love you anymore, even if that may not be accurate).

What are some general reasons for this?

Reason Number 1:

I've lost my wife's love because I had an affair and she found out.

Reason Number 2:

My wife found someone new that she feels is better than me.

Reason Number 3:

I haven't stuck to my promises and agreements. I promised her that I would change my approach or some of the things that irritate her but I haven't done so. This has lead to disillusionment and loss of hope on her part.

Reason Number 4:

I mistreated my wife in her eyes. I didn't give her the love and attention she required.

Reason Number 5:

I tried to control everything she did. I didn't allow my wife enough independence and freedom to do what she wanted.

Once you've recognized the reason or combination of reasons, you can start to go to work on the problem. Many marriages that fall short do so because the real problems aren't really understood. Communication is a enormous part of making the marriage work - and men think differently than women so even if you think you know how your wife feels about something (because that's the way you feel), odds are you probably don't. So talk to her.

Without the right communication, it's really hard to resolve any kind of disagreement, big or small. The right kind of communication will allow your broken relationship to start on the road to recovery and later to flourish if you give your wife the opportunity to share her dreams, concerns, hopes and desires with you.

If your wife has conceded to trying in the marriage again, don't just go back to what wasn't working. Keep things attention-grabbing, do little things to show your wife how much you love and appreciate her or do something pleasantly unanticipated.

Keeping your promises is another vital part of the equation. If you haven't kept your promises in the past, start doing so now. Your past broken promises have no doubt ruined the trust in your relationship but you can start repairing that now.

Finally, give your wife the space and time she needs. Let her know that you are there for her but don't stifle her.

Hopefully the above information is adequate to get you started working on solving your big concern of "how to get your wife back loving you". All you need is a great strategy and a will to change.

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How To Get Your Wife Back Loving You

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This article was published on 2010/09/30
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