How to Help Your Wife Recover From Surgery

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My wife had abdominal surgery. Most fortunately, it was not a life saving matter. She did however require 6-8 weeks of very restricted activity afterwards.

During this time, I was happy to do all the chores; shopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry, and medical assistance. To be sure, the girl was in a lot of discomfort. Urinary infections were part of the recovery process. The lady has a high tolerance of pain and endured remarkably.

There were only three demands from my wife that were hard for me to meet.

The foremost was the watering of her plants. The woman keeps some thirty specimens all in pots in and out of the house. Each plant has an individual moisture need and watering schedule. I do not know the names of plants! They all look alike to me. So my daily plant report was never adequate. Needless to say, I feared the loss of any plant from under watering so my measure was copious in supply. Indeed all her treasured fauna survived despite my ineptitude.

So I recommend before surgery to have any house plant labeled with its name as well as time and quantity of water needed. Oh yea, water from beneath the leaves right onto the soil!

The second difficult demand was her extensive need for my companionship. I love the girl and enjoy our conversations. My wife is witty and fun. However my time to sit and converse was limited with all the added domestic tasks. (I recalled my mother never have time to sit!). Every free moment was devoted to being next to her. However when not busy I felt as if something important wasn't getting done.

My suggestion is to organize as much labor as possible when you spouse is napping. My wife does not nap! So music and a few books filled my absence.

The bothersome third task was deciding on the meal menu. We wanted to get the best nutrition for her condition in order to speed her recovery. The fact is that I do not cook. Much deli-action was my recourse. However this alone will not do. I had to learn to prepare fresh food and I did.

My recommendation is to decide (google) menu choices well ahead of surgery and get some training in dish preparation before hand. It will make life easier later and her recovery will benefit.

After your wife returns to an active regime, help is very much needed. The muscles are weak and pain will yet be had. All lifting, shopping, and labor for the home I had to continue. There are some ways to help your spouse to regain her physical strength.

We decided to begin with my wife's favorite physical activities.

Walking trails near out home are beautiful. My wife enjoys these. We began going for short walks of a half a mile only. Then the length improved to a mile or more as her comfort extended. We set a limit of a half hour for any such outings for the first few weeks.

Dancing is another love which my wife enjoys. It's a great low stress exercise which we used for her healing. We would never begin dancing until she had a bit of a lie-down first. Then to her favorite music we would slow dance, buggy, and cha cha with frequent breaks. Durations of an hour or more were easy for her with minimal discomfort.

As her strength gained, she began talking about tennis. I really cannot play the game but I could always valley with the children. So one bright day to the courts we went. Just for 30 minutes, we hit the tennis ball about for a bit with no running or competitive play. My spouse would stand in the middle and volley easily over the net.

Gradually her strength fully returned. My tennis campaign ended as my right knee suffers from this. However I'll occasionally make her favorite dish.

Every effort for her was a pleasure which she appreciated. Her return to health was our blessing.

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How to Help Your Wife Recover From Surgery

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This article was published on 2010/03/29