I Need Help Getting My Wife Back

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You and your wife have been married for some time now. You have had many happy times together and some not so happy times as well. But right now you are saying to yourself, 'I need help getting my wife back.' She packed her bags and now she has gone and you're feeling the pain.

Lets take a few deep breaths. We will get some perspective on this. Is it possible your relationship has been up and down for a while? Did you have some communication problems? Maybe there were some outside influences that created negative influences on your marriage. No matter what the issues were, right at this moment your wife has gone. Your query, "I need help getting my wife back" is valid indeed.

Being apart, painful though it is, has created space for you (and also your wife) to think things through.
This is the beginning of bringing some balance and understanding into why this separation has eventuated. You will begin to feel more calm.

Now for some spade work. Time to discover some triggers that have led to your marital discord.
Lets look at some areas that can be worked on in so you can say "I am getting my wife back."

~Communication. There is bound to be room for improvement here. What about listening? Are

you a good listener? If you're not sure, ask your wife, when the time is right. She knows the answer to

this. Do you speak clearly and use good language? How do you think you come across to others?

~Encouragement Do you spend regular time with your wife sharing at a deep level? Do you know

what is going on in her life? If so, I would like to think that you are her number one encourager.

~Helper Do you often help your wife with household chores. Maybe cook a meal occasionally,

or if you can't cook, take her out for a meal. A willing helper how good that is!

~Provider This means more than financial. It means all of the above and we will add support

person as well. Someone to lean on when the going gets tough as it surely does.

This is a starting point for you. When you lead by example you make a big difference.
In the past you have said "I need help getting my wife back," now you will be on that road to reconciliation. What a good place to be.

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These ideas here, are good.
I hope you will work with them.
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I Need Help Getting My Wife Back

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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