I think my Wife is having an Affair all over again

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A few years ago, I was able to forgive my wife with her foolishness outside our marriage. I think my wife is having an affair all over again. What am I going to do was the first question that ran inside my mind. Should I forgive her with this mess that she made again? She already breached the rust I had in her and was making it somehow for our relationship to work out again. If ever my suspicion is true then it should already be the end of our marriage. By then she is no longer lonely, but it is her character to be filthy adulterous.




I can no longer take her mischief because I do not deserve such a thing. I am totally sane to see what the reality is all about, and I have to accept it. Of course, for civility, I have to make sure than when I leave her, she is safe and stable. Despite the fact that she did wrong to me, I have also the conscience for her sake. I think my wife is having an affair all over again, but it doesn't mean she is all that bad. Maybe she is no longer happy in our marriage, and I have to let go. Holding her back would just make things worse.




When I have the suspicion that she is doing it again, I went to a consultant which specializes in fixing relationship. It was not necessary to fix our marriage but for us to understand why we go through a divorce. It was very constructive and helpful because we were able to recover the soonest time we went on our separate ways. You should do the same thing as we did. That was healthy for our mind and emotion. And we have moved on. In fact, we are good friends for the sake of our children and for the old time sake. I think my wife is having an affair was then a question of mental positivism.




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I think my Wife is having an Affair all over again

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This article was published on 2010/10/12
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