Is My Wife Having an Affair? Three Ways to Find Out Now!

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Once you ask the question "Is my wife having an affair?"  You should always be ready for the fangs that will surely bite you the moment your suspicion gets confirmed.

There are only two things that could happen if you accuse your wife without any evidence.

First, it might be that your wife is really having an affair and she can just deny it since you don't have any proof.  Your losing point in this is, since she knows that you are already having doubts about her, she will become even more discreet and you'll have slimmer chance of knowing the truth.

Second, she might be totally innocent and your accusation will anger and hurt her.  It will clearly show that you don't trust her enough.

Most experts say that it is actually easy to spot the signs of infidelity. While cheating is a really bad thing, a huge percentage of it to take place in a relationship is ultimately possible.  The thing about infidelity is that it always comes with a warning.  Experts say that most of these affairs usually happen during vulnerable times or stages of the married life.  If the husband is aware of what is happening in their relationship, it will be impossible for him to miss the signs.

What you need to do is to look for signs.  Alone, they might not mean anything at all.  But, when put together, they will give you the painful confirmation; your wife is really cheating on you.

Here are three ways to find out if your wife is having an affair.

  1. One of the common signs of a cheating wife is a sudden change in her appearance.  She starts using different brands of perfume and she starts wearing a fashion sense different from what she's used to.  She wears make-up more often than necessary and she's become very conscious of her body.  Of course, this could be just because she wants to look better and to change.  But if this is followed by other drastic changes then, that's the time to definitely check it out.
  2. Communication lines will tell a lot.  Is she receiving a lot of wrong dialed numbers?  Does she hang the phone immediately when she sees you coming?  Is she turning into a mad dog talking about privacy when you accidentally get hold of her phone?  Is she using the computer more often?  Did she change her password and refuses to tell you?  And if she ever gives it to you, do you find her e-mail extremely neat?  A wife having an affair is of constantly needing communication lines open – may it be through a cell phone or a computer.  Once you notice her drastic changes and her amusing idealism on privacy, something rotten could really be cooking.
  3. "She suddenly became busy.  She suddenly has no time for me."  If it's not career driven, it surely is someone else. She most likely is having an affair since she spends more time with another person than with you.  So, you have to track down how she spends her time.  Is she going out with her friends often?  Is she always having overtime at work?  Better give her office or friends a surprise call.

If you see these signs present in your wife, then there's a probability that your wife is having an affair.  Once your suspicion is found true, you have a choice to make.  Will you act as if nothing odd is happening and just wait for that thing that would make denying as something impossible?  Or, will you get to your feet and fight the battle of taking her back to your arms?


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Is My Wife Having an Affair? Three Ways to Find Out Now!

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This article was published on 2010/09/20
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