My Wife having first Affair and she Asked for Forgiveness

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My wife having first affair and she asked for forgiveness. That was not an ironic but a reach out from her that she regrets what she did and is repenting. I was very hurt at that time, but I dealt with it accordingly. She did not have any deep grievance of the first offense. We talked about what our problem and why she was able to betray me. After, we have come up with a solution. Our relationship was never the same like before but what we are doing is making the bond stronger in some other way. That was a peaceful process, and we are proud and happy for it.




Even the fact that already agreed on a resolution, we also went to the process of recovery and full repent. We talked to a relationship expert and set our standard for a relationship. There we were evaluated of how we are as a husband and wife. My wife having first affair was no longer a big deal because mistakes can happen in our life, and we should learn from them. Marriage is something worth keeping and the decision we made was just right for our family. We remained strong in our own unique way. And we made sure we remained happy and friends.




For those people that are having the same issue, you should do the same thing as I did. We worked on it together and understood the consequences. Marriage experts have the keys on how to help you from finding out if your wife is having an affair to reconciliation, and also in the recovery after the affairs. My wife having first affair and it will never happen again. We made sure of that and are very definite that what we decide to be just right and firm.




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My Wife having first Affair and she Asked for Forgiveness

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This article was published on 2010/10/11
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