Signs That Your Wife Is Cheating - 4 Unmistakable Signs That Your Wife Is Cheating

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No man really wants to think about various signs that your wife is cheating. Yet, once the suspicions begin to take hold, it's hard to think about anything but those signs. What are they? Could you be missing some of them? The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of signs that could indicate a cheating wife.

These signs however are pretty unmistakable signs that your wife is cheating. This is especially the case if you see more than one or two of them. What are these signs that your wife is cheating and what can they mean for your marriage?

  1. Your wife is becoming more and more secretive. This isn't the normal secretive in the "mysterious mind of a woman" kind of secret. This is secretive about little things like what she's doing online, who she's texting on the phone, where she's going with her friends, and what she bought when she went shopping. If she's started hiding things from you that she should be happy to share then there's some major problem you need to get to the bottom of.
  2. You blinked one day to notice that your wife suddenly became a knockout. If your wife has made sudden changes in makeup, hairstyle, diet, fitness, and fashion then there's a reason she's making those changes. If you're not getting the benefit of this extra care and attention the question of who is enjoying those benefits begs to be asked.
  3. She stops complaining that you're not spending enough time with her. It seems that many women can't get enough of your time and attention. If she's stopped complaining about long hours at work, in your workshop, out with friends, etc. then it's a good indication that she's found someone else to fill her time with. You need to find out what's going on. Very rarely is it the case that she's decided to stop complaining.
  4. You've discovered that you can't account for a large chunk of your wife's regular routine. Has she started working long hours without additional pay? Is she spending a huge a lot more times with her friends than you feel is normal? Is she doing a lot of "window shopping" where she spends a lot of time at the store without bringing many bags home with her? If this is the case, it's in your best interests to find out where she is going and who she's going there with.


There's no way around the hurt you'll feel when you first find out but you can move forward and even get your wife back after she's cheated on you.

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Signs That Your Wife Is Cheating - 4 Unmistakable Signs That Your Wife Is Cheating

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This article was published on 2010/11/02
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