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You are about to lose your wife and you do not want to or else you would not be reading this am I right? Well I am not sure how or what caused the break up, but lets assume it is not cause you cheated on your wife cause then that would be a whole other issue. What I will be talking about is for couples that just fell out of love for more common issues such as money, not spending enough time with your wife, not romantic anymore etc. I will be giving you a possible scenario and reason for your break up in this article.  Now even though this may not all be exactly your situation you can still learn from them. Just take the main points from it.

Scenario (You Do Not Spend Enough Time With Your Wife)

This happens all the time and is a big cause for husbands losing their wives. Many times husbands just get too involved at work cause they want to become more and more successful, but at a big price. I mean why get all that success if you do not have your wife and family to share it with? Most likely you  were not doing this on purpose and it caught you by surprise. Men many times do not always realize what they are doing cause they tend to focus on one thing at a time. And in this situation they focus on making a better living for their wife and family. So what happened?


Learn to be more aware of what you are doing. Your wife likes attention and if you do not give it to her then she will eventually feel not loved. At first it may start with her asking "When are you going to home today"? "You think we can go out tonight"?

If your answer is mostly always "no I have to work late" or "I have to work  at home" then you are setting yourself up for trouble. You see men do not always need attention especially when we are focused on something such as getting ahead at work. The tip I want you to take and learn is that women do want you to be successful, but they also want you to be successful at home as a husband and as a father(if you have kids). This may not happen over night but if you just realize this you will be better prepared for my suggested solution.


Tell your wife you are sorry about not spending enough time with her and that you know you were not being a good husband. Tell her that you had good intentions for her and only wanted to be successful so that she would have a better life, but that you realized that were ignoring her and you messed up. Say I love you and ask if she can forgive you.

Now you are probably thinking " yeah well it was way harsher and more complex than that for me". Well like I said earlier it's hard to know every ones situation, but this example is a basic situation yes, but it really happens quite often. Your wife will most likely give you a chance if she loves you.

 OK this was a simplified article (maybe) but if you learn from this and start making changes before it becomes too late. You may not have had to have this conversation yet or maybe you just sense it cause your wife does not seem as close anymore. What I have done is give you a situation that you can see into and use it in a way that it applies to your situation. Only you will know that.

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Tip on How to Get Your Wife Back

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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