Tips to Stop Saying I Want My Wife Back

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Do you go around saying, "I want my wife back" so much that all your friends are avoiding you? Are you wondering how to accomplish such a feat? Do you even know where to begin? Well, as you know, there are no sure fire fixes and no amount of advice can guarantee that you'll be able to stop saying, "I want my wife back." But by being thoughtful and careful, you can use these tips to go from saying "I want my wife back" to "We're back together and happier than ever!"

First tip: Be nice. Courtesy and politeness are called for when dealing with a woman, as simple as that sounds. If you've been together for long, it is far too easy to forget that they have feelings and needs as well, that you've come to rely on them, unchangingly. No wonder you've found yourself saying, "I want my wife back."

Being courteous is the polite thing to do. If you are split up from your wife, use every chance meeting to be nice to her, even when those "chance" meetings might not be so coincidental. If you live or work in a small community, "accidentally" running into her will be easier.

You are familiar with her habits, you already know what kind of routine she has. If you can come up with plausible reasons to be in the same place, your meetings stand a better chance of seeming random. Use those chance meetings to your advantage. Show compassion and calmness. But do not stalk her. If she thinks, even for a second, you are setting up these run-ins, you will lose her trust.

Be clear with yourself about why you are separated from your love. Do not assume that she is using this separation to get you to change your ways or is trying to make you jump through hoops for her attention. If you apply negative thinking, you will only find yourself still chanting, "I want my wife back" long after it is possible to get her back.

Admittedly, if you have some serious relationship flaws that you need to address, those may have been the reason she left. If this is so, be crystal clear with yourself how much you are willing to change if you really want to stop saying, "I want my wife back." If she left because of these things and you make no effort to change these problems, you're wasting your time. And hers.

So, no negative thinking, just clear, uncluttered thinking. If this means getting some counseling, by all means, do so. A qualified counselor can guide you through the morass of cluttered thinking and help you find the truth as to why you ended up in this situation, whining to your friends, "I want my wife back."

You will come to realize that she had her reasons, which were more than good enough for her and that, if you want to stop the chant, "I want my wife back" then you need to learn what her reasons really are. When she sees that you are really trying to understand, you stand a chance of showing her that things can get better between the two of you.

Next, work on being thoughtful. Being nice is one thing-an important thing, of course-but being thoughtful will definitely get her attention.

Special, little things done for her for no reason at all tells her you are thinking of her, and that you care about her. Do things for her that you didn't do before, that you know will ease her burden, and you will find a more tractable person in her place.

This may also mean giving her some space, our last suggestion. Your wife needs time to sort through her feelings about you. If you're there under foot all the time, she'll only come to resent you more. It may be why she left in the first place, to get some time alone to think. Be thoughtful and give her that room. Soon enough, when she's ready to talk, you may easily go from saying, "I want my wife back" to proclaiming, "We're back together again!"

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Tips to Stop Saying I Want My Wife Back

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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