Top Five Ways to Keep a Happy Wife

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First off, this isn't even possible so stop trying to make her happy. What you want to do is keep her from being upset. This will be simple, just follow these step and you will be on your way to nirvana.

1. Okay, this step might seem obvious but it is very necessary to keep a stress free home. If she is in a bad mood don't engage her at all. It might irritate her that you're ignoring her but it will keep you safe from the argument.

2. Then when she has cooled down you have to do something thoughtful or something that she nags you to do all the time. I caution you on this one make sure you don't mention what you did let her notice if. Women don't like us to point out our contributions to the relationship they like to do it for us.

3. Another thing that new couples seem to miss the boat on is going to sleep while still angry at each other. This is what get men in trouble all the time because it feels like when never forget those things. So men if you are just sick of discussing whatever it is that you guys have arguing over for the last hour just let her win. I don't mean just saying she wins, but really sell it but repeating her points and everything.

4. My secret weapon to keeping my wife from being upset with me would be to use a distraction. Guys you have to be very observant and pay attention when she talks about her girlfriend problems. This can come in handy when diffusing a situation. Example if your wife starts to get on you about something, all you have to do is mention the fact that you not as bad as so and so husband. That could take the conversation into a whole different direction. Trust me on this one just let her ramble.

5. I can't stress this step enough keep her involve in the business. I mean she has to have a role in the decision making process. If she is a stay at home wife you have to find ways to make her feel important. What I have done is encourage the wife to get her degree. I also turned over all of the financial matters to her to work out. At the beginning of ever pay period we round table any changes and final any pending big transactions. This really keeps her engaged in something that matters to the family instead of just spending all the money.

A few things to keep on the top of your head that should be a given. Never belittle her, cheat, or disobey your commitment to your marriage. If you keep these basics in mind you shouldn't have too many things to be worried over.

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Top Five Ways to Keep a Happy Wife

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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