What Are the Signs of an Unfaithful Cheating Wife?

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We all like to think that our wives are faithful, but if you start seeing more than a few of these signs you may be faced with the reality that your wife is cheating on you.

If your wife has been unfaithful you will likely notice a change in her attitude towards you.

You may find that she seems to be emotionally distant, grumpy and always trying to pick fights. If she's critical of everything you do or say she may be comparing you to her new romantic interest. Because she's feeling guilty or just trying too hard to hide her actions, you find just the opposite. She may become talkative and attentive than she normally is. If she's encouraging you to go drinking with the boys, or take the weekend to go fishing without her, she may be trying to get you out of the way so that she can meet up with her new fling.

Her attitude about herself will change if your wife is cheating.

Have you seen her being excited and happy while she's talking to her friends only to have her mood change as soon as she notices that you have arrived? Having a new lover is exciting and it will make her feel desirable and attractive. Your presence will only serves to remind her that she's cheating on you and bring on feelings of guilt. If you notice that your wife is suddenly taking extra effort to look her best, especially when she leaves the house she may be having an affair. She will take extra time to put on makeup, and change to sexier clothes. She might have gotten herself a new hairstyle, all in the effort to look her best for her new lover.

If you see changes in her interests and daily routines you may have an unfaithful wife on you hands.

These are a few changes you might notice:

  • Her taste in music has changed.
  • She starts taking an interest in playing pool, dancing or any other number of activities that she wasn't interested in before.
  • She spends hours grocery shopping.
  • She is always going for coffee with her friends.

OK, maybe you are seeing enough unfaithful cheating wife signs to convince you that she may be having an affair, but she may be innocent. Before you do or say anything you can't undo you should check out the facts and make sure she is guilty.

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What Are the Signs of an Unfaithful Cheating Wife?

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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