What You Can Do When Your Wife Keeps Ignoring You

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Your wife keeps ignoring you. At first, you didn't say anything because you assumed she was just busy or maybe angry with you. Now, it's become an ongoing problem though and it's impacting the very foundation of your marriage. It's leading to feelings of frustration and resentment on your part. You feel unappreciated within the relationship and it's tearing you apart inside. No man should have to live this way. Being deliberately ignored by your partner is incredibly difficult. You have to make an effort to change this beginning today or your marriage is only going to become more challenging and unfulfilling for you.

Obviously you need to talk to your wife about what you're feeling if she's continually ignoring you. There are two possible outcomes to a conversation like this. Your wife may tell you that she hadn't realized she was neglecting you. In this case she'll honestly feel badly for her lack of attention and she'll take the necessary steps to change her behavior. The other scenario will be that your wife will tell you that she's busy and is doing the best she can. If this happens she's either feeling very overwhelmed with her responsibilities in life or she's deliberately avoiding you because something has changed for her.

If your wife makes absolutely no effort to change the dynamic of your relationship you know that your needs just aren't that important to her anymore. A wife can essentially give up on her marriage for various reasons. In most cases the problem is that she herself has felt ignored and undervalued and her behavior is simply a natural reaction to that.

You can make your own move to fix the situation by treating your wife the same way you want her to treat you. This isn't always easy to do if you truly feel that she's ignoring you. It's hard to put any more effort into a relationship in which your needs aren't being met, but in the case of a marriage that you cherish, it's worth the risk.

Talk to your wife about her life more and ask questions. Stay invested in what's going on with her and offer your assistance whenever you can. Do any small tasks you can that will help your wife enjoy her life more. If she starts to feel that you want her to have a better life, she's going to want the same for you. A little extra effort on the part of a man can completely transform his marriage and the way his wife treats him.

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What You Can Do When Your Wife Keeps Ignoring You

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This article was published on 2011/01/11
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