Wife Resents Me! How Can I Turn Things Around And Make Her Love Me Again?

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If you are thinking "my wife resents me" then you are probably at a pivotal point in your marriage. I'm glad you are looking for information that can help turn things around in your marriage because it can turn sour pretty quickly if she has been feeling this way for a while now.

Although I will assume you have some idea why your wife resents you, I will list some general reasons that might be a contributing factor. Some, none or all of these may be applicable in your case;

• You made a life changing decision that she agreed to reluctantly, such as, relocating away from her family.
• For years you have made it seem as though you cared about work more than her or your family.
• You haven't been intimate enough with her in ways that make her feel loved, wanted and appreciated.
• You haven't treated her as an equal partner but rather someone who you rely on to do the things you can't or have no interest in doing.
• You have put very little effort into addressing her concerns/issues about your relationship.
• You have created a bad environment in your home with regard to your relationship with your children or her family or friends.

Could your question of "why does my wife resent me" be related to any of the above examples? If you can figure out what happened that's driving your wife to resent you, you are that much closer to finding the right solution.

My spouse resented me about half way through our marriage and it took some real heart to heart talks to figure out what the issue was. The issue turned out to be misguided priorities and miss-communications. Our lack of effective communicating lead to wrong assumptions about love and trust and my spouse resented my behaviors rather than me.

If you can, I would encourage you to sit down with your spouse and do either one of two things.

1) If you know exactly why your wife resents you, think about how you can change things to get her to stop resenting you. There may be little steps you can take to show her that you are sincere about making things right in your marriage. Then, perhaps you can admit any wrongdoing, if any, on your part, and ask her for a fresh start.

2) If you haven't a clue why your wife resents you, then I would suggest you have a long talk and listen carefully to what she tells you. It may take a while because she probably will feel as though you should know why she resents you. She may ask you why you care and if she does, speak from your heart and not your mind.

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I hope this information will help you stop saying "my wife resents me" and instead start saying "my wife loves me". Living in a marriage where your wife resents you can be extremely difficult and if you aren't careful you can make things worst. If you can use a little more guidance on how to make things better, please visit here; Save The Marriage


Finally, please hang in there and keep working at it. Although your wife resents you now, it definitely doesn't have to stay that way. Again, you can find more helpful resources here; http://restoringrelationships.info/saving_your_marriage.html

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Wife Resents Me! How Can I Turn Things Around And Make Her Love Me Again?

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This article was published on 2010/12/15
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